Birthday Notes : 2009 - 2010

I started writing these sitting in an apartment Cape Town facing the mountains

I've thought about the past year_ 2009 to 2010. Things about myself I'm thankful for_

  • to be alive,
  • to be in a position I'm in,
  • to know the people I know, or at least understand them

  • and to have done the things I've done.

Some really great memories (in no regular order):

  • meeting my girlfriend Angela (in March)
  • traveling to Sao Paolo, Brazil for a weekend (and watching Old Boy on the flight, including a crazy sex scene that made me hide the laptop).
  • birthday party for my friend Carolina, and it was eye-opening, the disparity between rich and poor, and the enormous amount of carne they enjoy
  • traveling to London in the fall for three weeks. I really had a blast living as a day-to-day commuter, making my way to Tag's offices, having meetings, going over for thick bread and jam breakfasts, and nearly every night a different dining spot. I saw a lot more of London than I ever thought I would have, including walking around town to the Tower, their modern museum, their theatres, the Eye, one of the oldest pubs in London. It was also great to contribute professionally to a high-end software product_ CMD for Tag. The good company was bonus.
  • Traveling to Japan with Angela,
  • staying in Ryokans (eastern-style hotels with vegan-organic meals, great coffee, great vegetables, the best smelling elevators, and “transformer” rooms (I had a lot of practice setting up and breaking down our futon-beds, but sometimes just passing out on the floor-heated tatami mats worked just as well)).
  • We saw some outstanding Kabuki (rotating stage? Check. Ninja-rooftop-fight intro? Check. Understood only half of it? Check.)
  • And Kyoto, where we caught a glimpse of a Geisha, walked around the neighborhood, almost lost our eardrums at a Noh performance (4 hours? Oh man...)
  • Tsujiki Fish Market at 4 a.m. - styrofoam mountain! Eating the freshest fish in the world, doing a sushi bar crawl (3 places? I can't eat enough. Ok one more round, with the fish prepared with a blowtorch)
  • Eating the best-tasting tempura and noodles in a cheap diner in a side-street.
  • Tasting horse and other weird korean beef-style foods and washing it down with some CHO
  • Watching Angela passout in first class from our economy class seat. Seriously, I sat kiddy-corner to her the entire flight out.
  • Disney World_ Parents 30th Anniversary
  • Blizzard World_ flipping the tube with my twin brother Tom, and having to scramble back in before the lifeguards saw us; jamming my finger for 3 weeks after
  • Making fun of scooters Mom and Aunt Pat were in; then secretly riding around them all night with Tom
  • My Dad telling I'd never get dinner at 1155pm, scooter-racing to the bar, and calling him to gloat
  • Chicago: my friend Tim's wedding; a really great final dance at the Wedding; enjoying a sober (ish) wedding; nicest wedding since Joe's
  • Seeing The House perform All the Fame of Lofty Deeds
  • writing my first iPhone App ComicVille
  • Getting a raise at work
  • Making my first movie in a long time, about my hands fighting each other to kill my brain. I shot that all night at Angela's place, even forcing her to stay awake to shoot. I edited that in 3 hours, and run to submit it at 11_59pm
  • Making my 2nd movie in a long time, Tres Problemas with my friend Mugsy. Amanda, our friend, edited it, and everyone in it was fantastic, specifically Rainne Wu, my twin brother Twin, and my girlfriend
  • Starting guitar lessons Monday January 3rd, and continuing all year. Playing every Monday at New York City Guitar school. Really... awesome.
  • Chicago
  • Meeting Audrey, some Freddy Mercury nutball badass girl from Staten Island ("it's not a fkin' library") at Taste of LIC in June with The Chocolat Factory
  • The XX - boston - harvard - cambridge bed + breakfast
  • Quitting my job at Tag and joining Dom & Tom, Inc. full-time
  • Getting a boost up from Conversation, office-space, and big C's.
  • Contributing to FreeOrion and thus being a contributing of the Open Source philo; and making the (bit)-world a better place
  • Simple things, I guess. Good moments in some Far-Off places, and some Not-So-Far-Away places.

    A summarizing thought about last year_

    Overall, it felt like a year of growing more comfortable professionally, especially doing Dom & Tom, Inc. full-time; re-discovering filming + acting; meeting someone pretty amazing, and staying together longer than month; the regular pain of being far from Chicago; refusing to cow-tow to who I was; and some bad-ass traveling and programming.

    Looking forward, I have a lot left to create, relationships and company to nurture, playing more guitar, programming harder, acting in my work, and adding more to this blog.

    But traveling wise, the only place I want to be for a while is home in bed.

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