chamblaise: the recorking

Swung by a local wine bar last night and picked up the Final 6 bottles. Here's how I built_ [caption id="attachment23" width="200" caption="The Cleaning"]The Cleaning[/caption] [caption id="attachment25" width="200" caption="The Sanitizer"]The Sanitizer[/caption] [caption id="attachment26" width="200" caption="Chamblaise: The Wine"]Chamblaise: The Wine[/caption] [caption id="attachment27" width="200" caption="The Bottles"]The Bottles[/caption] [caption id="attachment28" width="200" caption="The Filling"]The Filling[/caption] [caption id="attachment29" width="200" caption="The Corking"]The Corking[/caption] [caption id="attachment_30" width="150" caption="The Final Product"]The Final Product[/caption]

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