Coldfusion http_//localhost:8500/flex2gateway/ error - FIX

Coldfusion error http://localhost:8500/flex2gateway/ bugs the hell out of me every now and then.

Generally, it means you have an issue with your services-config.xml file in your "WEB-INF/Flex" root (and any subsequent include files, as in remoting-config.xml, messaging-config.xml, etc.

After googling the hell out of it, the final solution was to look at the cfserver.log (which lives in Coldfusion8/logs) and hand fix the xml until it's bug free.

Check for_

  • broken xml structure (i.e. end tags missing)
  • using the same endpoint for two different services, which CF8 isn't a happy camper about (i.e. should be
  • missing channels for a service

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