Danger Hiptop - Build Fail, Cannot find ${env.DANGER_HOME}

Working on my first app for the Danger Hiptop SDK. It's pretty fun, Java with custom classes stacked on top.

I was editing the project in Eclipse, but when it came time to compile via the Ant build.xml, got this type of error_

BUILD FAILED /Applications/hiptop-sdk/examples/chessclock/build.xml:14: Cannot find ${env.DANGERHOME}/tools/buildcommon.xml imported from /Applications/hiptop-sdk/examples/ourspace/build.xml

Reason? The environment variables I set weren't being seen in Eclipse for some reason. Not to worry. Simply_

  1. Right click on build.xml
  2. Select "Run As..."->"External Tools Configuration"
  3. Select the "Environment" tab
  4. Press "New", and fill out "DANGER_HOME" and "/locationOfYourDangerSDK" (mine is "/Applications/hiptop-sdk")
  5. Hit "Run"!

Before I was compiling it straight from terminal. But sometimes it's nice to strike a fire instead of wait for lightning.


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