Future Selves vs Past Selves vs Present Selves vs Possible Selves

We view our current present self (which I will call PrS) as always the judge or identifier, comparing our PrS state with our other states.

Our PrS often looks back on our Past Selves (or PaS) with either joy, or derision, but always with judgement and identification.

Our PrS, less often, looks forward to our Future Selves (or FuS) with speculation in various degrees of hope or fear.

Lastly, our PrS rarely looks side-up-down-across-other-ways to the potential that existed, but no longer does as our Possible Selves (or PoS) no better epitomized than in fantasies of Stanislavski's "What If?" (what if I stayed in Chicago? what if I never traveled the world? what if was stronger / weaker / riskier / safer / loved more / cared less)

And what if you were to gather all your selves in one room, wouldn't they judge and identify each other, since all your selves think them-selves the PrS (and rightly so!)...

The PaS, The FuS, the PoS, and you...the PrS, thinking the parts are greater than the sum (or at least, greater than the other parts). If you can suspend that judgement, then your other selves can too. But if you judge your others, they will judge you too.

Now apply this to everyone around you, all their selves. And judging them know doesn't condemn their past or future or potential. You're judging their current state. But always there is a judge looking at you, even if it's yourself, from the past as a speculator, or the future as an identifier.

Even now, as I type, I feel my future self bore his wooden gaze at me. And my past self look up then down. Do they anticipate? Do they regret? Do they judge? Do they do what I do when I look back at them.

And let judgement slide and awareness of this aware gaze begin.

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