Passion Project - Pai Gow Poker - iPhone

As a New Year's Resolution, I've dedicated Monday Night as PASSION PROJECT NIGHT! (krakowww)

To keep myself accountable, I'll post every Monday night the progress I've done, some tips I've learned, screenshots... Who knows what could happen in the lab!

Pai Gow Poker


A single-player Pai Gow Poker game on the iPhone platform, using Objective-C, and a modified version of the GeekGameBoard code base.

Tonight I've done the following_

  1. Reviewed the Project Description
  2. Reviewed the Project Assets provided by Amy Anstine, our Core Designer for Dom & Tom
  3. Cleaned up the semantics site-wide (cleaning up semantics a.k.a. naming conventions, linkages, project structure helps me refresh myself on a project)
  4. Added content to the ABOUT page, added navigation elements, added copyright
  5. Added content to the OPTIONS page, added navigation element, added copyright
  6. Setup User Defaults on the OPTIONS page
  7. Downloaded the GeekGameBoard codebase and reviewed

Next week, I hope to get my brain dirty and begin implementing game logic_ deck, dealer and player's hands, interaction with setting a bet, selecting cards, etc.

But not bad for a first night.


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