The Revolution Will Be Summarized

I read the entire 7 seasons of Oz in 5 minutes on wikipedia.

I caught up on Lost : Seasons 4 - 6 on a well-known re-capping site. The same with The Office (since Season 3), Mad Men, Dexter. I've stopped watching Dexter altogether and supplemented my intake purely with weecaps.

"Weecaps" are a minute or detailed digests of what went on, how it went down, and any reactions to it. And it saves me a ton of time then actually WATCHING anything. My schedule every day doesn't afford me any time for regularly televised entertainment. So if I can snort a line of t.v. instead of having to sit and smoke it, I will.

And it's great!

  1. I imagine every scene, and how the characters play it out.
  2. There aren't any commercials.
  3. It takes 2 minutes to an episodes 48.

And the best part? Whenever I'm in the room with one of those "fans", I can faux-fan it up ("wasn't the season finale of Lost craz-ay and unfulfilling?"). No I haven't 'watched' it for 3 years but my opinion's still backed by well-informed digests.

Even the President gets Daily Weecaps, and who knows what kind of snark the CIA throws.

I've been reading weecaps of new shows I've never seen (hi Fringe, The Event, Chuck...).

I've even started reading weecaps of movies saving me time, money, (and outrage at losing both) : (sorry Thor, The Adjustment Bureau, Limitless).

In fact, it lets me sync up with movies I'd never watch in the first place (what's up Human Centipede, Water for Elephants, and The King's Speech? no I don't want to watch you stumble around for 3 hours, I'll just imagine it). It gets so bad that whenever I walk by a movie theatre, I scan the titles to see if there's anything I want to immediately "wiki" and read.

There are downsides a plenty! Lack of good writing, difficulty in following convoluted, on-going story-lines, investment in character-development, supporting your local t.v. show with precious "viewing" count. But it's all worth it for one reason...


I have no finite amount of time to spend on multiple story-lined drama. And in that world of no time, I have to compact the massive amounts of entertainment into a fine packet of crystalized fun called the weecap.

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