To Counter-tain

Why Am I Writing This?

Let's ask ourselves why would I post anything at all when the entire net-related culture (and aren't we one big net-family?) is probably creating something of equal if not better value? Does the world need another blog post? Why am I writing this?

How Did We Get Here?

  1. Back in Darpa-times, scientists posted websites to share information (+1 : help).
  2. Regular feeling-folk posted thoughts and feelings of their lives, sans any objectively useful material (+1 : entertain)
  3. In reaction, topic-folk reject feeling-folk's thoughts as "useless", and create counter-"useful" posts on specific topics (+1 : help)
  4. Web applications pop up to provide services in daily activities (shopping, travel, search for answers to life's mysteries) (+1 : help)
  5. Video posts by feeling-folk pop up to provide entertainment; Video sites pop up to provide access to life's activities (news, films, vidcasts) (+1 : entertain)
  6. Feeling-folk hook into micro-blogging services to packet-burst thoughts and feelings (+1 : entertain)
  7. Topic-folk create analytics widgets, reputation points, candy-achievements to incentivize "topical" content (+1 : help)

Why Are You Here?

  1. You search for answers to questions (in order of importance : what, where, when, how and sometimes why?)
  2. You search for entertainment in a variety of media (video, audio, textoral)

Why Am I Posting?

Ipso factor, either I'm posting to help you answer a question (topic camp) or to entertain you (feeling camp). Conversely, you're reading to either be entertained or answer a question you've asked.

Much like the world doesn't need another shitty play (stop it Richard Greenberg), the world doesn't need another shitty blog post.

But what about a third reason for reading what you read? What if you found this, came here by accident and read up to this... Period.

And what if there's a third reason for writing what I write? What if I wrote this to inspire a discussion?

"Bull-shit!" you might say. "This ain't a fucking discussion. You're just writing yourself out." (you're vulgar)

Ah, so. This isn't the discussion. I'm posting to inspire the discussion in you.

If I can post something that you discuss internally with yourself, then I'm helping asking a question instead of answering it. I can write about something you might not have thought about before.

I write not to answer nor to help (unless it's a side-effect in which case, consult your doctor), but to inspire thought.

The opposite of entertainment isn't boredom (the lack of entertainment). It's counter-tainment. My aim is to counter-tain.

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