Tres Problemeras - Shooting 3 minute film - need actors + anyone for 10 minute domestic scene

Heya! This is my 3-minute film synopsis for "Tres Problemeras". If anyone is available 11 a.m. - 6 p.m., Saturday, February 5th, or Tuesday, February 9th and wants to join the film, the more the merrier.

Basically, these two guys swap bodies again and again and again. So we're filming quick domestic 2 person scenes. Just you and a friend doing something normal. The film gets better the more people there are doing the same action. And it'll only take 5-10 minutes tops!

But I'm not giving my address to strangers. So if you're interested and available, e-mail me_

Tres Problemeras

SYNOPSIS: DOUG asks his boyfriend SEAN to marry him. SEAN says there's a problem_ his parents won't accept he's gay. DOUG decides to have a sex-change as a solution. SEAN is appalled that he wasn't included in DOUG's “solution” and decides to show-up DOUG by changing his sex...and also becoming black. DOUG is appalled because his father's also racist (and never told SEAN), so changes his sex-back and becomes younger. The boyfriends have a change-war, as seen through a variety of domestic activities that become increasingly more heated. Cooking, chopping, getting drinks from a fridge, going to the bathroom, showering, getting ready for a party, getting ready for bed, even sleeping in the same bed until it reaches a crescendo. But then, they grow accustomed to the changes. Over the course of public outings, including eating at a restaurant, walking through central park, ice skating, they become more comfortable with each other. Finally, a single shot of them (as different pairs of sexes, races, and ages) in their home shows they're still in love. DOUG says he doesn't care what SEAN's sex, age, or looks are, he'll love him no matter what. That what really matters isn't what we are, it's who we are. SEAN says, “Ok, let's get married.” They kiss. As they kiss, their versions change, flipping backward, from 50 INDIAN MAN, to 12 YEAR OLD BLACK GIRL to RUSSIAN MALE to SKATER PUNK to HIPPIE GIRL to … ...their original selves.

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