I'm a technocrat_ scholar + artist * programmer ^ heart / time, with a dual-degree in Theatre & Computer Science from Loyola University Chicago.

I speak a lotta code, including_ xhtml, xml, css, fbml, javascript, actionscript, php, asp, mysql, and talk to flash, photoshop, flex (cairngorms dialect), and, most recently, xcode (iPhone)

I've acted for 10+ years, directed 3 shows, including The Ghost Sonata and The Stronger, and have a fascination with August Strindberg, considering him my spiritual uncle. I'll direct The Ghost Sonata two more times before I die.

I'm CEO of Dom & Tom, Inc. with my twin brother Tom, developing web and mobile applications and websites. Our team is a band of awesome orphans.

I've traveled to 25+ countries, backpacked around the U.S.A., and believe in global citizenship. If you invite me anywhere, I'll probably go.

I daydream every day of blending theatricality with edge-cutting science. And saving lives.